Professional Display Fireworks

If you are looking for a Professional Fireworks Display, Sky Designs can do that too.  We can offer a complete Display Package where our crew will take care of all the details in a fully produced show or we can custom design a show for you to shoot.  We can help you with all the details from site plans, permits, and insurance to designing and executing a unique and spectacular show.  Contact us with your event and we'll be happy to help you plan the perfect fireworks show.

Please note:  Consumer fireworks can be purchased by anyone 18 years or older.  Display class fireworks must be purchased and handled by a Licensed Fireworks Display Supervisor. 

Art and Tim have over 20 years of professional fireworks display experience, producing large and small shows all over the Maritimes and shipping out custom designed shows for events all over Canada.  With our large crew of Maritime fireworks technicians, we are licensed and endorsed for Bridge, Flatbed, Floating Platform, and Rooftop firing sites as well as large shells, nautical effects, and flying saucers.


Most of our shows consist of multi-shot cakes, which are multiple tubes of effects chain-fused to fire in sequence from a single ignition and are generally low level at 50 meters or less, and aerial shells, which are single effects launched out of mortars and burst at different heights depending on the shell size.   Where the site allows, we may also use Nautical Effects, which can be shells or cakes that produce an effect on the surface of a body of water.   All our display shows are fired using an electrical firing system. 

Sky Designs is dedicated to finding the best product for our shows, always sourcing and testing new and innovative fireworks from Canada‚Äôs leading importers.  All our shows are handpicked by Art, ensuring a colourful and exciting firework display.  We can work with your budget, no matter how big or small, to create a brilliant and unforgettable show.