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Glow & LED Products

LED & Glow products available from Sky Designs Inc. These products are excellent for any occasion!! Kids absolutely love these! If you are looking for a great idea to fundraise for a special cause,  this is an excellent idea! Call Sky Designs Inc. for more information!

EG Burst Smoke Grenade

Introducing the new EG Burst Smoke Grenade. Pull the pin, and get instant coverage, with the twin-vented cartridge the Burst grenade produces a rapid build up of smoke so you can move quickly into action! Available in 7 colours.

Fredericton, NB Canada Day Show

Had a fantastic show for Fredericton's Canada Day Celebrations!
Check out the video!!

R150+ Long-Range Firing System

Experience the ultimate control of your Home Fireworks Display! The R150+ Long-Range Firing System is an advanced Remote Ignition System for Consumer Fireworks or Smoke Grenades, featuring plug-and-play operation and a 150 meter wireless range!

Distinctive Occasions

We were delighted to be able to have the oppurtunity to do a fireworks display for this amazing company! Thanks Again Sherry & Pete!

Click here to watch the video.

Currie Center Show

The Currie Center Show was a huge success!! This is how we here at Sky Designs please our customers with offering them the greatest quality fireworks! We would like to thank our valued customers by sharing the video of the Currie Center Fireworks!! Enjoy!! Currie Center Fireworks Display